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Some questions to consider

Visitors in Hangar 4: Battle of Britain, with a tour guide.

These are the questions that we’re asking visitors at the moment. Please do send us your thoughts if you’d like to contribute:

What would you like to see in a Historic Duxford exhibition? Duxford in the wider context of the RAF? How the buildings have changed? The jobs people did at Duxford? How we know what we know? The experiences of the people who served here? What happened when the RAF left? What happened once the Museum took over? All of the above? None of the above? Let us know!

The exhibition is going to feature the personal stories of people who were at Duxford. How would you like to see that presented? As film or video? As text? Via audio? Or a mixture?

We could divide the history up in many different ways. Would you like to see a chronological approach, beginning in 1917 and going up to the present day? Or themes, such as ‘Training at Duxford,’ ‘Life at Duxford’ etc?

Think about your visits to similar sites. Are there any great ideas that you think would work well in helping us tell Duxford’s stories?

Please do tell us what sort of visitor you are – whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, someone with an academic interest in the subject, or just generally interested, it all helps us increase our awareness of our audience.

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