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Historic Duxford’s new home

Hangar 3: Air and Sea and the Watch Office. By permission of the Imperial War Museum, IWM_SITE_DUX_000317

Phase 1 of the interpretation of Historic Duxford will take place in what is currently known as Building 89. This building was used in the 1930s as a Watch Office, where the duty pilot or officer on watch would be stationed during flying activity.  It was built in 1917/1918, along with Hangar 3: Air and Sea. These are the first 1918 buildings that visitors encounter on their journey through the Museum.

The building was extended in the 1920s and 1930s to provide office accommodation for squadron personnel, including the Squadron Leader and Adjutant. Several different units used the building. At one stage, part of it was used as an armoury.

Drawing of the internal layout of Building 89, May 1935.

This is based on Air Ministry Drawing DX 698, dated May 1935.

It shows the building after its 1930s extension was added. Many of the internal walls are no longer present. At the moment, the west (left) side of the building is used as a picnic room. The offices on the east (right) side are an information centre. The whole of the building will be now be used as exhibition space.

This photograph shows the men of No. 66 Squadron in front of the Watch Office in 1938.

No. 66 Squadron outside the Watch Office IWM HU 56494


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