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A visit from parliament!

VoiceAbility consultation

As part of our ongoing consultation process we had a group of 11 young people from the Cambridgeshire VoiceAbility Youth Parliament visit Duxford on 24 March. They came ready to test out our existing exhibitions, especially AirSpace, and to give us their thoughts and ideas for Historic Duxford.

The weather was unusually good for March which meant there was plenty of flying action for the young people to see. This was expertly captured on film by several members of the group. It even meant they could have their picnic lunch outside!

The group filmed their reactions and thoughts as they went round the museum, then we all met up and they gave us their verdict. The group were very knowledgeable about access issues, and pointed out some of the things they thought were good about the site, as well as some things they thought we could improve on. They also gave us some useful feedback on ideas for the new exhibition. This included talking about things like labelling objects, using smells in the gallery space and using methods, other than text, to explain things.

From my point of view this was such a valuable visit. The young people had lots of useful things to say and their enthusiasm was infectious. Their perspective added another way of looking at what we are doing; a great way of keeping us on our toes!

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