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Before camouflage…

No. 19 Squadron and Gauntlet. By permission of the Imperial War Museum. IWM HU 027835

No. 19 Squadron pilots in front of one of their Gloster Gauntlets at Duxford, 1938. The Gauntlet first entered service at Duxford in 1935. Before the introduction of camouflage, No. 19 Squadron aircraft were bright silver with Cambridge blue and white chequer decoration.

As the situation in Europe in September 1938 deteriorated during the Munich crisis, the ground crews were told to paint the bright silver aeroplanes with a dull wartime camouflage scheme.

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  1. Ann Hallows says: September 20, 20119:06 pm

    I would love to have seen a Gauntlet flying, I think the biplanes are amazing, we are lucky to still have a few different types we can see, they are beautiful.

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