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May, 2012 Monthly archive

John and Hilda met at RAF Duxford during the 1950s. They had their first ‘date’ at the cinema here on the domestic site. They have now been married for 54 years.

Over the last month or so Carl, Steve and I have been travelling the East of England and interviewing some of Duxford’s Cold War veterans.

We have been really lucky to have had the help of the Old Dux Association. They spread the word and helped us find our interviewees.

I have particularly enjoyed interviewing our Duxford couples. Everyone loves a good “so…how did you meet?” story but the fact that people got together at Duxford, the place I work every day, is even better!

One of the interesting things that really came out in the interviews concerned the fact that when a member of the Women’s Royal Air Force got married, she had to leave the services. Some of our interviewees evidently found this hard to take as they loved their jobs and the life that went with it. Life as a military wife took some getting used to.

Another thing that became clear during this interview process was that lasting friendships were made at Duxford. Indeed many of our Cold War veterans are still in touch with the friends they made here. This is particularly evident at meetings of the Old Dux Association when the veterans get together. The friendly rivalry between two of Duxford’s Cold War squadrons – No. 64 and 65 – is as strong as ever!

We still have a lot of people we want to interview and if you, or anyone you know, served at Duxford between 1945 and 1961 then please get in touch with us – and the Old Dux Association too. It is so important for us to capture the memories and stories of the people who lived and worked at Duxford. Their interviews will help bring our Historic Duxford exhibition to life.

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