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Richard Jones, taken in 2003.

Some sad news.

We learned yesterday that Richard Jones, who flew with the Duxford Wing in 1940, has died.

Flying first with No. 64 Squadron at Kenley, then with No. 19 Squadron at Fowlmere, he had some incredible experiences. We interviewed Richard in 2003, and his memories of the Battle provided us with a very important insight into the life of a Second World War fighter pilot. It was particularly moving when he recalled how he and his squadron colleagues dealt with losing a friend:

‘You had to develop a mentality where you had to accept it. After a severe casualty or anything else you wouldn’t show terrific remorse, you would go and have a drink in the Mess, on him, to send him on his way.’

Richard Jones, 1940.

He will be greatly missed.

You can read an obituary of Flight Lieutenant Jones here.

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Officers and their guests IWM Neg no HU069872

Officers and their guests at the Fowlmere sports day, 1919.

Fowlmere is a village close to Duxford. An airfield was built there during the First World War.

It was closed and demolished in the 1920s, but re-opened again in the Second World War as a satellite airfield, an extra base for aircraft.

Can you spot the different uniforms in this photograph? What do you think is going on in the background?


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