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Gordon Sinclair's crashed Spitfire. By permission of the Imperial War Museum, IWM HU 58240

Hi, I’m Sarah and I am the Exhibitions Officer here at Duxford. Unlike Carl, I am new to the place so a lot of the things you will be learning about Historic Duxford, here on the blog, I am learning too!

This photograph amazed me when I saw it! It is such a still and quiet image yet to get a Spitfire turned over like that must have involved serious drama. I have since found out that this is quite a well-known photo at Duxford and that the pilot Gordon Sinclair was actually recorded talking about the event that led to his aircraft ending up upside-down on the airfield.

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Visitors in Hangar 4: Battle of Britain, with a tour guide.

These are the questions that we’re asking visitors at the moment. Please do send us your thoughts if you’d like to contribute:

What would you like to see in a Historic Duxford exhibition? Duxford in the wider context of the RAF? How the buildings have changed? The jobs people did at Duxford? How we know what we know? The experiences of the people who served here? What happened when the RAF left? What happened once the Museum took over? All of the above? None of the above? Let us know!

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