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Visitor talking to a member of staff

Well, all that hard work paid off. Over the last few months we have spoken to hundreds of you to find out what you want to see in the final exhibition and it was worth it.

We have had some great conversations with visitors, disabled groups, local communities and veterans. All of you have expressed a keen interest in what we are doing and hopefully most of you will be lined up to see the new exhibition when it opens in about 18 months time.

So what did you have to say?

Well, a lot of you felt that to tell the human side of Duxford’s story was really important. The experiences of the men and women who lived and worked here came out as one of the most important things you thought we should cover. That is why we have been reviewing our archive of interviews with veterans. Carl has already posted a fantastic video that features clips from several interviews and there are many more. We have also been adding a few to the collection too. Not only will these be useful for the exhibition but they will add to an extremely important archive that documents, first hand, the memories of the those individuals who served at Duxford.

You also thought that objects were really important to see in the exhibition (hooray!) Many of you felt that they help bring to life the history that you see in a museum and provide a fantastic link to the past. So we’ve continued digging around in the museum collections to find everything we can that relates to Duxford. This is where the expertise of the curators comes in. They know their collections inside out and so can help us find any hidden gems. I will keep you up to date of the things we find. You can also have a look for yourself by visiting our online collections database.

Happy hunting!

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VoiceAbility consultation

As part of our ongoing consultation process we had a group of 11 young people from the Cambridgeshire VoiceAbility Youth Parliament visit Duxford on 24 March. They came ready to test out our existing exhibitions, especially AirSpace, and to give us their thoughts and ideas for Historic Duxford.

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Pilots of No. 19 and No. 616 Squadrons pose by a Spitfire. By permission of the Imperial War Museum, IWM CH 1400

I’m Carl, Duxford’s Exhibitions Manager, and I’ll be running this blog while developing the content for Historic Duxford. For our first post, I thought I’d explain what we’re going to be doing in the first weeks of the project. This can be summed up in one word: ‘evaluation’.

We want to ensure that we incorporate all the good stuff from previous projects, change the things that didn’t work, and get people to contribute their thoughts and ideas at the outset.

There are several parts to this.

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Visitors in Hangar 4: Battle of Britain, with a tour guide.

These are the questions that we’re asking visitors at the moment. Please do send us your thoughts if you’d like to contribute:

What would you like to see in a Historic Duxford exhibition? Duxford in the wider context of the RAF? How the buildings have changed? The jobs people did at Duxford? How we know what we know? The experiences of the people who served here? What happened when the RAF left? What happened once the Museum took over? All of the above? None of the above? Let us know!

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