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Expanding work on our medical collections

Image of the photograph and letter from Nursing Sister D M L Crewdson (August 1918) about the award of her Military Medal

One of the collections catalogued by Dr Simon Robbins: A photograph of and letter from Nursing Sister D M L Crewdson (August 1918) about the award of her Military Medal. IWM DOCS 62/135/1

A delegation comes from the Wellcome Trust – to hear what we are doing on the medical history front.  It’s a great opportunity to let them hear and see just how strong are our collections on this topic.  Inevitably the medical treatment of wounded soldiers is a running theme in our collections – whether recruiting posters for Red Cross nurses in the First World War or films urging soldiers to protect themselves against malaria in the Second.  But there are wider themes you can explore here too – there are few aspects of war which did not impinge on health also.

Dr Simon Robbins is our medical expert and he talks through the work he has done this year – the Wellcome Trust has just supported a major cataloguing project of our collections of letters and diaries written by medical personnel.  We’re hoping to expand our understanding and online coverage of this massive subject – linking up with other archives so that specialists can see who has what.

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  1. Dave Vaughan says: April 4, 20129:37 am

    Is it possible to find out where a soldier was wounded durind world war 1? My grandfather (Alfred Thomas Culver Army No: 920504) was wounded in Sept. 1918 ( I think? ), and I would like to mark this anniversary by being at the same spot 100 years on from this event. Any help or suggestions would be apprieciated.

    Kind regards

    • Emily Fuggle says: April 16, 20125:01 pm

      Thank you for your query. The National Archives would be a good place to start looking for individual service records, especially their pages on Looking for a person. For further assistance on family history enquiries, contact our enquiry service through the Collections pages of our website. Good luck with your search – I hope you are able to find the spot.

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