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And the winner is…

The winning phone design, and it's trophy, the Escaped Carling Cup (

So, after the vote earlier, and approval at the Project Team meeting, the image we’re going with on our QR prompts is a generic, 3D, smartphone. You can see it above.

To be honest, I’m quiet surprised – in no small part because this was the only image not featured in the original vote. Still, the (completely self-selecting, scientifically invalid, statistically insignificant, online only) public have spoken.

The QR prompts will first be used in-gallery in April, when A Family In War Time opens. This will be the launch of phase 1 of Social Interpretation, with 6 kiosks and 8 QR-enabled objects for the public to use. Importantly, Claire Ross and UCL-DH will of course evaluate this success of the phone image with a broad cross-section of visitors. Their findings will influence our design work in phase 2, which will see over 50 QR codes rolled out across IWM London, and also IWM North.

A Little Present

And finally, just like the Christmas jumper you didn’t want, and because this project is all about sharing (we’re even making sure that our server-side software is open-sourced), here’s the EPS file of the phone, in case you want to use it in any of your projects too.



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