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Live and kicking

So. The Social Interpretation. She goes live today. The first bit anyway. 6 kiosks for visitors to comment on 6 objects. And 8 QR Codes that resolve to shiny new IWM mobile web pages, for the associated objects. It has taken an inordinate amount of time and effort to get this far. But then exhibition things are never straightforward, seamless, unproblematic or, even, easy.

The A Family in Wartime exhibition, housing this phase of the project, almost overwhelms our beloved social interpretation. Objects, paintings, films and blown-up photographs are your first overriding impression. But, really, that is how an exhibition should be.

Of course, children only have eyes for technology, so they spot the kiosks straight away. A young chap (in the image above) wrote, about an evacuee label: “If Daddy sends me away I’ll call Childline.” His Dad actually marched him around the private view of the exhibition and made him comment on each object. He went and commented willingly enough. We should have got his name and given him a job on the project.

There is not much evidence of people engaging with the QR Codes yet though. They are as small (or rather, as large) as we were allowed to make them. Maybe not large enough. Or maybe people just don’t know what they are. We’ll see.

And although a slight pause from #socialinterp might be nice now, we need to crack on with the presence at IWMN, the mobile app, further rollout of codes and our web presence. I could muster up a comment on the lack of time for a project nap. But it might not be very polite.

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