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I iz in ur xhibition trolling ur comments

Yesterday we held an advisory board meeting for the Social Interpretation project, and we wanted our advisory panel to work for their tea and biscuits. After giving a good cop/bad cop account of where we were at we let the advisory panel lose on the Family in Wartime exhibition. It was great to get feedback on the work that we have done so far. We know it is a work in progress, and there is still a long way to go. We discussed the ergonomic problems of the placement of the kiosks, institutional differences, bugs in the software, atmosphere in the exhibition, size of the screen, and overall the quality of the comments we are getting.

We also set our advisory panel a challenge to find a SI kiosk and leave an ‘intelligent’ comment. My favourite being the image above.

One of the most discussed issues was about what we have termed ‘gardening comments’ but to put it bluntly it’s more a case of should we be ‘curating the visitor voice’ in order to improve the visitor experience? It’s a difficult question to deal with. Mia Ridge has pondered about it over on her blog.
We are at the stage where we really do want to respect the commenter, but also want to give other readers a high value experience. It’s a question of how we do that, and will it significantly change the project?

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