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Number Crunching: Data from the Gallery

Gummed labels, perforated and numbered, found in possession of German spy, used as code

So now that we are well in truly on the road to delivery for phase 2 of social interpretation in July. I have been having fund with lots of data. At the beginning of April 6 Social Interpretation kiosks and 8 QR codes were installed in the Family in Wartime exhibition. We have been recording and tracking interaction with the devices for two months now. Its nice to see some numbers.  We have also been doing some observations and interviews in order to get more juicy qualitative data.  But here are some of the numbers first, from month 1 in gallery. 

The Digital Kiosks

Tracking data from month 1 (April 2012), the kiosks have recorded 5678 separate user sessions.  We can’t be definite on if that number equates to 5678 visitors as tracking has some unreliable elements  but still that’s a pretty nice high number of interaction sessions.
• Individual interactions 88109.
• Comments submitted 1553
• Comments liked 1630
• Comments disliked 1079

QR codes
Tracking data from month 1 (April 2012), the QR codes were scanned 131 times. We cant comment fully on QR code usage due to issues with wi-fi connectivity in the exhibition space, as i’ve mentioned in a previous post. Until the wi-fi is working consistently we can’t really say anything about QR code usage. But even with this difficulty QR codes have been interacted with, and the average time spent on the object page is 2.42 minutes.  We don’t really know if this is good, bad, or downright ugly.  Does anyone have any benchmarks for success on QR code usage that they would be willing to share with us?





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