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As we are very much in the delivery of Phase 2 of the SI project (it involves a lot of snagging, running around, and sorting digital assets) we havent had time to blog.

However, all is not lost! There is a blog about us over on NESTA’s blog  instead! Check out the latest post on NESTA’s digitalrnd blog about the next steps for SI  up at IWM North.

NESTA have also created a feature on their website about Social Interpretation.

And, you can access the slides from the Museum Association Joy of Text event where the SI team were talking about the potential (as well as the challenges) of interactive digital labels on slideshare.

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Yesterday we held an advisory board meeting for the Social Interpretation project, and we wanted our advisory panel to work for their tea and biscuits. After giving a good cop/bad cop account of where we were at we let the advisory panel lose on the Family in Wartime exhibition. It was great to get feedback on the work that we have done so far. We know it is a work in progress, and there is still a long way to go. We discussed the ergonomic problems of the placement of the kiosks, institutional differences, bugs in the software, atmosphere in the exhibition, size of the screen, and overall the quality of the comments we are getting.

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We both own necklaces, for starters. Necklace, handmade, Turkish. On display at IWM North. EPH 796

So, what else does Claire’s Accessories have to do with Social Interpretation?

Recently, Claire’s Accessories got into a bit of bother. They were apparently caught taking a little too much inspiration in their designs from an independent jewellery designer. This post isn’t about the ethics of design and intellectual property however. Instead, it’s about how Claire’s reacted when their users started to complain / debate / kick-off about their actions.

Or more specifically: how they didn’t react.

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