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Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps Signallers telephone exchange in the First World War.

So we’re beginning to wireframe the kiosk interfaces for Social Interpretation. Tom has sketched them, Claire has braved the public on gallery to see if they ‘get ‘ them and now our designer, Christian gets to make the whole thing look nice and work as a good user interface should – without users having to think too much about anything but the content and what they want to do with it.

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Sharing, at the heart of socialising objects in this project, is under threat from SOPA. Clay Shirky sensibly unpacks the issues in this TED talk. It is scary stuff.

“TimeWarner has called and they want us all back on the couch. Just consuming. Not producing. Not sharing. And we should say no. ”

How to say no:

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QR Codes are the cause of much debate / argument / kitten killing, both in and outside of Social Interpretation. But why do we need them? What are the different options? And if using QR, what can one do to make them as usable as possible?

Which would do you prefer?

Why this debate at all?

To put it simply, because we want to enable people to use objects (or anything physical) as keys into more information. This might be info about an object, a theme, or maybe a discussion or piece of media. To do this, we need some way to bridge the physical/digital divide.

So what’re our options?

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