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We both own necklaces, for starters. Necklace, handmade, Turkish. On display at IWM North. EPH 796

So, what else does Claire’s Accessories have to do with Social Interpretation?

Recently, Claire’s Accessories got into a bit of bother. They were apparently caught taking a little too much inspiration in their designs from an independent jewellery designer. This post isn’t about the ethics of design and intellectual property however. Instead, it’s about how Claire’s reacted when their users started to complain / debate / kick-off about their actions.

Or more specifically: how they didn’t react.

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In the Red Corner... Two Youth Service Volunteers having a boxing match at an agricultural camp at Nunney Catch in Somerset during 1943. (D 16345,

In the most recent Project Board and Content meetings, we got into a really interesting debate (bear with me).

To enable Social Interpretation, we’re going to install 11 fixed-kiosks in IWM London, four in IWM North, and 50 QR codes between the two museums. At its heart, the debate turned on which objects we’re going to enable direct Social Interpretation against – and specifically how we choose them.

In the Red corner:
The ‘Classic’ Museum View, and for the sake of this, me.

In the Blue corner:
The User-Centred-Design Jedi’s view, and for the sake of this, Claire.

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