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Hot on the heals of Claire’s post about being agile and putting the visitor / user first, we wanted to share how the design of the kiosk interface is going – and the process we’ve gone though so far.

In essence, we’ve followed a pretty traditional design/development cycle: sketch, wireframe, pixel-design, refined design. BUT, at every phase we’ve tested, tested and tested again. With the results directly feeding into the next phase of design. This has been rapid, sometimes fraught, and often insightful. And here’re a load of images, showing exactly what each phase actually looked like.


Made in a kitchen, fuelled by coffee, tested with visitors.

These were the first wireframes. They’re paper-based and created very rapidly to illustrate how we thought the content/interaction should all fit together. Literally as soon as they were ready, Claire deployed her Artful Dodger skills, nabbed them, then tested them with visitors in-gallery.

Then we refined the design…

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