We are helping to shape the future of IWM

Members of IWM Youth Panel

Hi, we’re Claudia, Josiah, Zipporah, Ruben and Elana and we’re part of the new IWM youth panel.

We are helping the museum relate to other teenagers. So far we have visited some art archives as well as film archives which have collections from the First and Second World Wars. We also filmed in both locations, giving a brief documentary on our experiences. These can be viewed on our Facebook page.

Youth Panel meets the team

We also saw a draft model of what the museum would look like in future. We met some of the people who were helping transform IWM, to commemorate the hundred year anniversary of the First World War. We have been working with a few awesome people who work around the museum this past week.

We will meet up in September to start some projects.  We will let you know how we get on.

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