We called. They came.

A fete in London, 1943. © IWM (D 14677)

Our three Youth Panel taster sessions for local youth at IWM London were a big hit. We were really pleased to meet young people who are interested in making a difference at IWM. We’re buzzing and can’t wait for the next stage in the journey.

Over the next two days (Tuesday 7 August and Wednesday 8 August), a small group of young people will be coming in to meet the team and start putting their creative juices to work. They’ll be meeting with the exhibitions, art, film, digital media and communications departments and we’re really looking forward to getting their input.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to hear more about how the Youth Panel is getting involved and their ambitions for our future from their perspectives.

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  1. Josiah says: August 9, 201212:48 am

    Hi, my name is Josiah. I really enjoyed the two days that the youth panel had, to talk about future plans for the IWM museum and other activities. It was really fun because we got to meet people who works in the Museum and they spoke about their jobs, we also got to see what the Museum would be like in 2014( a design),we went to the art store room and had a lesson on how the paintings were stored. We even got to make our own films. I also like the team members cause each one of us came up with interesting ideas especially Ruben. but overall the experience was fun. I’d love to come back if I am needed .

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