Work is already under way at IWM Duxford

Conservation work on Zero Fighter at IWM Duxford

We’ve been doing a lot of conservation work at IWM Duxford on objects that are not currently on display so that we’re ready for the influx of large exhibits that will be arriving imminently from IWM London. Some of the incoming objects will require tight turnarounds as we’re on a schedule to get them ready and prepped to go back to IWM London in 2013.

Some objects take a few weeks to conserve, while others can take up to six months or more. Work that we’ve done so far includes conservation on a Reuters Land Rover and a Humber Pig to name a couple.

Reuters Land Rover gear box

Our work includes replacing the gear box on this armoured Reuters Land Rover. This vehicle was damaged and two journalists died when it was hit by an Israeli rocket in Gaza. You can see some of the damage to the vehicle at the top of this picture. The Reuters Land Rover was previously on display at IWM North before coming to us for conservation work.

Humber Pig

This Humber Pig  armoured personnel vehicle was used to police the streets of Northern Ireland during ‘The Troubles’. It was painted in the 1980s with a different paint scheme but we are returning it to its original paint scheme before it goes on display at IWM London.

We’ll be updating you on our progress over the coming months. Make sure if you are in the area, or just interested in seeing conservation on large exhibits in action, that you come to IWM Duxford. We’ll be in  Conservation in Action.

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