IWM Young Reporters reporting for duty

PM David Cameron with IWM Young Reporters

PM David Cameron was interviewed by IWM Young Reporters from Archbishop Sumner School today following the announcement of the UK’s plans to mark the First World War Centenary.

Today, five IWM Young Reporters met Prime Minister David Cameron at IWM London.

The IWM Young Reporters are from two local primary schools, Archbishop Sumner School and Oasis Academy Johanna in south London. These Year 5 students are honing their reporting and investigative journalism skills so that they can report back to their communities and the wider public on all the changes that are going on at IWM London in the run-up to the First World War Centenary in 2014.

Five students from Archbishop Sumner School came in to meet with Mr Cameron today to find out why the First World War Centenary is so important. They discussed with the Prime Minister why we must never stop learning from history.

The Young Reporters also had the opportunity to discuss what their favourite parts of IWM were. Jacob, age 9, really liked the First World War diaries from IWM’s collections which help people today to understand how people at the time felt.

You can see more from the Young Reporters’ interview with the Prime Minister tonight on Newsround.

Our Young Reporters will be reporting on our First World War Centenary updates as well as the Transformation of IWM London. So stay tuned for more updates from our intrepid reporters on this blog.

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