New faces and some exciting new projects

IWM Youth Panel

The Youth Panel’s first meeting of the autumn term saw some new faces and some exciting new projects. To begin the day, we met Luke from the Digital Media department, who told us about a collaboration that IWM is working on with a leading global digital archive. This initiative, kicking off with workshops this month, will explore how crowdsourcing can help IWM learn more about its collections. This is one of a number of projects in which Youth Panel members will take on an important advisory role.

Our second task for the day was to scour the galleries of the museum for highlights which members of staff could recommend to visitors, particularly families with children, or young people of our age (11-18). In groups, we visited our ‘galleries of responsibility’, choosing paintings, exhibits and media installations which we found especially exciting. A short time later, after researching our chosen pieces in the Explore History Centre, we took Visitor Experience Manager, Linda, on a whirlwind tour of our highlights, which will hopefully be made up (with the help of enthusiastic young designers) into a leaflet for visitors. Our high points included John Singer Sargent’s deeply moving, near-photographic portrayal of First World War soldiers blinded by mustard gas, and the daysack carried by Matthew Croucher, GC, when he threw himself onto a grenade to protect his comrades in Afghanistan in 2007.

We look forward to getting involved with some more brilliant projects, and hearing yet more inspiring stories, at our next meeting.

IWM Youth Advisor

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