As the video above says: ‘Such size might have awed and stupefied. But the call today is for mobility and speed.’

Keep your eyes peeled today if you’re in London or near Duxford, Cambridgeshire. The first of our large exhibits will be making its way through London to IWM Duxford on a street near you.

The Infantry Tank Mark II, known as Matilda II.

See if you can spot ‘Matilda II’ on the move as this Infantry Tank Mark II makes its way through London.

As part of our preparations for Transforming IWM London, the Infantry Tank Mark II – known as Matilda II – was moved out of the building last week in preparation for transport today. Do you want to see how we did it? Check out this minute-long video:

Matilda II will be transported on the back of a low-loader truck to IWM Duxford. We’re keeping the tank under cover to protect it from any unnecessary wear and tear. If you see the signs that say #SpotThatTank it will be a good indication that you have in fact spotted our tank on the move.

Spot the Matilda II Tank

Will you spot the Matilda II tank on its journey to IWM Duxford?

So let us know when you spot the tank on its way through London! Tweet us your pics  #SpotThatTank #IWMTransforms

And stay tuned over the coming weeks as more of our large exhibits make their moves through London to IWM Duxford.

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