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Members of the IWM Youth Panel meet in October 2012 to discuss new projects

Members of the Youth Panel meet in October 2012 to discuss new projects.

The Youth Panel’s October half term meeting was an exciting day spent exploring new ways to advertise all the museum has to offer.

Following on from our previous meeting, where we all chose our museum ‘highlights’, we met with Visitor Experience Manager, Linda, who gave us our brief for creating a new A5 flyer, which would be printed and given to visitors when they enter the museum.  The flyer will be utilised next year, to help visitors plan their time at the museum, targeting families and children.

We then met with the digital media team, acting as a focus group to help with the redesign of IWM’s website. The in-depth discussion included a range of topics, from what layouts we thought would work and look best to who we thought would be interested in visiting IWM’s new website.

Although we had already found a range of museum highlights, we wanted to refine our choices from our last meeting, and set about the museum to view them again. It was also interesting to watch how the public interacted with the exhibitions, helping us to learn which parts of the museum were most popular with visitors. To further our research we asked a member of the public what his family had enjoyed during their visit to the museum that day.

Throughout the day, we met with the design department, who taught us about the working practice of how exhibitions were brought to life through imagery, text, and spatial design. We discussed our flyer ideas with the team and they fielded our questions regarding which designs and colours would work best and helped us to improve on our initial ideas.

Overall, the October half term meeting was incredibly interesting and we hope to return to the next meeting with some great designs and ideas for an informative but fun flyer.

Georgia Mulvaney-Thomerson

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