Monty’s staff car now fully restored!

HM King George VI watches a squadron of British fighters take off on a mission from Monty's staff car. Image © IWM (TR-2149)

HM King George VI watches a squadron of British fighters take off on a mission from Monty’s staff car. Image © IWM (TR-2149)

Work is now complete on the car owned by Monty in North Africa, Sicily and Italy during the Second World War.  Using archive photographs of the Humber Super Snipe staff car taken in Italy in 1944 – including the image above showing Monty and King George VI in the car – the Conservation Team at IWM Duxford has replicated the exact camouflage finish that it carried at the time.

The Conservation Team carefully sanded down through seven layers of paint to find this original pattern.  The seats have been refitted and recovered in leather – colour-matched to the original seats – and the dashboard has been stove enamelled using an original sample taken from the car.

Lieutenant General Bernard Montgomery’s staff car will be one of the large objects on featured in our new atrium at IWM London in summer 2014

Tyres featuring the correct desert pattern were sourced from India and fitted.  Items such as the original trafficators – used to indicate when the driver was turning left or right – have been re-attached to restore the car to its former glory. We have also replaced the sound dampeners on the doors and floor and the linoleum floor.

A view of our new atrium opening in summer 2014. Image by Fosters + Partners.

A view of our new atrium opening in summer 2014. Image by Fosters + Partners.

We’d like to say a big thanks to our Conservation Team at IWM Duxford for their dedication and hard work  on this project.  You”ll be able to Monty’s fully restored staff car in our new atrium at IWM London in summer 2014.

  1. Matt Wilson says: July 1, 20137:56 pm


    I caught site of the car at the restoration hanger in Duxford when there for the airshow last September

    Was very impressed it is around! Looks very new now, was very brown and rusty looking when I saw it

    Matt (CGI Artist)

  2. Monty's Double : Colin Brooks-Williams says: July 6, 20139:42 pm

    Wonderful ! I’ve sat in his other staff car and been driven round in Monty’s Rolls-Royce FLD 99. I’ll look forward to seeing this on my visit to IWM London in 2014. I’ll be visiting Duxford to see Monty’s Caravans soon. Well done IWM Conservation team !

  3. Simon Stephens says: July 29, 20131:14 pm

    The car looks really good. However, as a conservator, doesn’t the removal of the seven layers of paint to obtain that particular camouflage layer result in a loss of information in terms of its originality? Unless the seven paint layers were deemed not historically important enough to preserve?

    • David says: July 31, 20134:49 pm

      Hi Simon,

      Glad you like the look of the car, and thanks for posting such an interesting question. The car had been refurbished in the 1950s and this work included a repaint. Initially we thought that the original wartime paint was still under the paint added in the 1950s. Unfortunately when we investigated further the wartime paint had been stripped off completely before they repainted the car so all the history had been removed in the process. However, this gave us the opportunity to repaint Monty’s car in its original colour scheme and we paid great attention to detail of the colours and the camouflage pattern to ensure as much accuracy as possible. We’ve ensured all our works and findings have been recorded as we do feel that any historical information on such an iconic object is extremely important.

      Best, David

  4. john burford says: October 29, 201312:56 pm

    where is his jeep? my dad was the driver of it from 1942/45

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