Introducing New Perspectives

Students from Broomfield School making an animated film for New Perspectives.

New Perspectives is a film-making project about lesser-known aspects of the First World War for young people aged 14-19 as part of Transforming IWM London and you can take part this summer.

We are running six of these projects, four with partner schools in different boroughs of London and two as summer schools in August. In this way we will involve over 100 young people in creating brand new content for IWM London.

Eight animated films inspired by IWM’s First World War collections have already been made, and this project continues until July 2014 when some of these films will be selected by our First World War exhibition team to feature in our new First World War Galleries! We will also share the films online for everyone to enjoy.

Our New Perspectives projects are about really interesting topics that are relevant to young people in London today, but are not a big part of how the First World War is currently taught in schools. The projects work as an addition to the topics students learn in class. We aim to provide a broader perspective of the First World War and to encourage the students to ask questions and share their new perspectives about our collections.

Students from Notre Dame school researching Africa in the First World war with IWM’s First World War curator Laura Clouting

The first stage of each New Perspectives project involves young people delving into our archives and finding material that interests them. Students select material to accompany text used in our exhibitions and we encourage them to be as inquisitive as possible when examining items from our film, sound, document, object, art and photograph archives. Some of the material is being digitised specially for this project, so it won’t have been seen by many people other than a few of our curators.

In the second stage of the New Perspectives projects young people reveal their discoveries by making animated films.  We bring in the fantastic film makers from Chocolate Films to support the students at this stage.

We held our first New Perspectives project earlier this year in partnership with local school Notre Dame in Lambeth, and it was about the First World War and Africa.  Here’s what partner teacher Hannah Wallace had to say after the first day:

By the end of the day they really were inspired as planned. The way you delivered the information was enthusiastic and you are both excellent story tellers, as well as being good at keeping them on task! So an outstanding day.

Hannah Wallace, Head of History Notre Dame School

Students from Broomfield School making an animated film on the topic of Turkey and Gallipoli with film makers from Chocolate Films

The Second New Perspectives project was with Broomfield School in Enfield and it looked at the Dardanelles and Gallipoli campaigns.  You’ll be able to find out more about this project next week in a blog post written by project partner Dan Lyndon, Head of History at Broomfield School.

If this all sounds super exciting and you are aged 14-19 or know someone who would like to be part of the New Perspectives projects, we are currently accepting applicants for our New Perspectives Summer Schools. If you’d like to find out more we are hosting Taster Days on 13, 15 and 17 July.

Details on our Summer Schools and how to apply are below.

  • Summer School A: Physical Impact of the First World War,  5 – 9 August
  • Summer School B: Psychological impact of the First World War, 19 – 23 August

To apply or to find out more, please email your name, age and school/college to  Please state clearly your Taster Day preference(s) and your Summer School preference(s). We will then send you an application form and consent form, which you must complete and bring with you to the Taster Day.

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