Animated films for the First World War Galleries part five

Summer School students researching our collections in the Department of Documents

Summer School attendee Lily is our final guest blogger. Here she describes how she and other students used an item from our collections as inspiration to create silent animated films that may feature in our new First World War galleries, opening in 2014…

My name is Lily Dickson and I am 14 years old. I love history and am particularly interested in the First and Second World Wars. I was also curious to find out more about how museums work and what goes on behind the scenes, something which I had not explored before this summer. I attended the Psychological Impact of The First World War Summer School where, over the course of the week and in groups of four or five, we made an animation on an IWM Collection piece which is going to be displayed in the First World War galleries next year.

Lily and the team getting creative

The collection piece that my group studied was a document written by a soldier who was treated at the Freemason’s War Hospital in Chelsea. It consisted of a list of rules made up by the soldiers, mimicking life in hospital. One of the highlights of the week was when we were given the opportunity to visit the Department of Documents. We were very privileged to see the original document we were researching and others from the hospital. There was so much interesting information in one file that it was a rather overwhelming experience! Once we had seen several documents we could start to make links and recognise names, it felt as if we were putting a puzzle together.

The Summer School students present their work to our curators

I had such a fantastic week that when I heard about the IWM ‘Youth Panel’ I was really eager to get involved. I have since been to a thoroughly enjoyable taster session.   Having involvement in the museum, however slight, is very rewarding and it is great fun making it as interesting as possible for young people. I look forward with anticipation to what I’m sure will be some fantastic years as a member of the ‘Youth Panel’.

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