The Large Objects are coming (back)..!


The Humber Pig after conservation at IWM Duxford

As those who have visited IWM London since re-opening may have noticed, we are gearing up for the reinstallation of the large objects to the new atrium and First World War galleries.The Humber Pig armoured car was the first object to return – on the 15 July – and is now temporarily visible outside our Explore History Centre on C-Floor.

From the beginning of October through to Christmas, large objects will start to arrive in London, and will be installed into the museum overnight.

The main reason for this is that the lift that we use to move the large, heavy objects forms part of the floor that our visitors walk on when we are open, so we can only do the work safely when everyone has gone home. The heaviest item we are installing is our Sherman tank at 26,811kg, so we need to work slowly and carefully.

General Montgomery’s Staff Car being conserved earlier this year in the Conservation Hangar, IWM Duxford

Most of the objects have been at IWM Duxford for the past year – either in storage or in our Conservation Hangar, being worked on by our Regeneration Conservators. Most of the conservation work is complete, but you can still see some of the objects in the Conservation Hangar at IWM Duxford over the next couple of months.

Our new atrium in 2014 Image by Fosters + Partners

Some of the objects have not been displayed in London before and are appearing for the first time. Others have been on display before but many have had a new lease of life as this has been the first opportunity we have had to do detailed condition assessments and conservation work on them in many years.

Once back in the building most of the objects will be hidden behind hoarding and revealed in summer 2014, but keep checking back here as I will be writing some more posts about some of the objects that will be coming back, the work we have done on them and how they are going to be installed and displayed in the new galleries.

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