Museum Takeover Day – what went on behind the scenes…

Discover what we got up to during Kid’s in Museum’s Takeover Day 2013 at IWM London from our Youth Advisers, staff and the special guests who took part…

Seven IWM Youth Advisers became curators for the day working with James Taylor, the lead curator of the First World War galleries, and writing the family captions for the new galleries

“I really enjoyed working in the Imperial War Museum on takeover day – it was a great experience and I have such respect for those who write captions for museum exhibits” – Rebecca, Youth Adviser

“I really loved seeing our plans come into action, especially seeing how the captions will be presented in the exhibit.  I now appreciate how much work goes into the day to day manning of the museum and the monumental task of planning an exhibition” – Holly, Youth Adviser

“I really enjoyed meeting all the people who create the exhibitions that the public see. So much hard work and time goes into it, which we had the privilege of experiencing for the day” – Maya, Youth Adviser

Did you see IWM’s Twitter and Facebook pages on Friday 22 November? Our Youth Advisers Joe and Sam took over for the day and made excellent reporters roaming around with their i-pads behind the scenes

“Taking over the social media department put the power in our hands” – Joe, Youth Adviser

“I’ve enjoyed actually having a say in the running of the museum and being able to engage with the audience of the museum through social media. I also have huge respect for the team for all the tweets and Facebook posts they make”
Sam, Youth Adviser

Ruben, Alice and Imogen spent the day evaluating the museum’s new AV technology prototypes. They worked with a broad range of our visitors and tested out the new technology looking for ways to improve these prototypes before they feature in the new galleries in July 2014

“It was really great working with the Youth Panel. We were testing exhibits for the forthcoming First World War exhibition and they were impressively quick in picking up the required skills and showed them selves to be very quick thinking and adaptable working with all variety of visitors. Most of all, it was really great to meet them, they were all very charming and lots of fun to work with.” – Jane Rayner, Evaluation Consultant

“What could we add to improve the experience? Smellivision” – Alice, Youth Adviser

“My favourite part about takeover day was seeing the amount of work that goes into making even the smallest exhibit” – Imogen, Youth Adviser

“I have really enjoyed watching the youth panel take on different tasks we have never done before” – Ruben, Youth Adviser

Elana, Amy and Stephanie had a busy day in their role as Director for the Day. As well as some horizon scanning, writing the team brief, meeting members of the senior management team and attending a meeting about the 2014 launch party, they were also visited by external guests Ed Vaizey, MP, and Dea Birkett, Director of Kid’s in Museums

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Elana, Amy and Stephanie when they took over Di’s office on Takeover Day. The day was not that different from an average day in Di’s office, with the team sailing through a packed itinerary of meetings and tasks. The team met our Director of Public Programmes, Sam Heywood and our Head of Strategy and Planning, Vanessa Rayner, to discuss the future of museums – specifically the role of youth engagement in museums. Elana, Amy and Stephanie’s recommendations are now being considered by our Senior Management Team, at their meeting on 12 December 2013.

A highlight for all was a spirited meeting and exchange of ideas with Ed Vaizey (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries), who chose to observe nation Takeover activities in Di’s office– a coup for IWM!” Natasha Wallace, Sec Head Of Projects, Planning and Strategy at IWM

“Our involvement in the 2014 launch parties is really exciting” – Amy, Youth Adviser

“A good insight to the busy day of a Director at IWM” – Harry, Youth Adviser

“Serious discussions about Doctor Who over lunch has fuelled ideas for our next project” – Ciara, Youth Adviser

Sam and Joe interviewed Dea Birkett, Director of Kids in Museums

“I was impressed by the maturity and enthusiasm of the young people taking part in Takeover Day.  They all stepped up to the mark and appreciated the real challenges of the roles and tasks that they had been given.” – Helena Stride, Head of Learning at IWM

“At @I_W_M with @kidsinmuseums for #takeoverday, largest ever, 3000 kids in 200 museums. Every museum should have a youth panel.” – Ed Vaizey, MP

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