First World War Galleries: Centenary Campaign

‘Our ambition is that a lot more people will understand that you can’t understand the world today unless you understand the causes, course and consequences of the First World War.’ Diane Lees, Director-General, IWM

In 1917, while the First World War was still being fought, IWM was established to ensure future generations understood the causes and consequences of war, to collect and display material as a record of everyone’s experiences and to remember the men and women who served during that war.

In 2014, to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the war, we are transforming our museum and we urgently need your help.

Any gift you give will make a vital contribution.

•    £25 could enable our conservators to prepare a set of medals for display
•    £10 could conserve a First World War trench sign
•    £5 could preserve the inks on a letter written during the First World War

To give greater support you may wish to become an IWM Patron and enjoy special access to our collections.

Donate to the First World War Galleries Centenary Campaign today.


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