How to fund a Youth Panel and other exciting projects

Polaroid of Youth Advisers Elana, Ciara and Josiah with Elizabeth Crawford, IWM’s Trusts and Foundations Officer

This week/Last week Elizabeth Crawford, who is the Trusts and Foundations Officer at IWM, came in to speak to us about how IWM is funded and her work with Trusts and Foundations, and also how we as the Youth Panel are funded. Thanks to the generosity of The Forces Trust, who have kindly funded us, we are now completely funded for this academic year, which is tremendously brilliant! The Forces Trust is a charity that was formed in 1924, after the death of Mrs. Minnie Harriet Allen who left her estate to be given to military personnel and charities; to this day, they still support military personnel and their families.

The Youth Panel hard at work in IWM’s Dome on the Family Captions for the New First World War Galleries

Afterwards, we had the opportunity to relook at our Family captions, which will form the basis of a trail for young people in the new First World War Galleries opening this July. These had been reviewed by the First World War Exhibition team .We then separated into groups and worked on four captions each, deciding whether to change certain aspects of the captions as suggested or keep them the same. We then looked at other groups ideas to see whether we agreed with them.  Afterwards  we looked at our photoshoot pictures. We looked through them and found our favourites to use in the future.  The picture above is us all at work on the family captions.

Lunch followed with Elana taking on the role of Youth Panel Food Secretary.  She had arranged for food to be delivered on a Saturday so we all enjoyed sandwiches, fruit and little cake slices.

Angela McSherry, 14 – 18 Now Producer, gives the thumbs up to IWM Youth Advisers

After lunch we were visited by 14 – 18 NOW Producer, Angela McSherry, who told us about a ‘top secret’ programme she wanted our help in. We can’t tell you too much about it yet so WATCH THIS SPACE…  It was very interesting for all of us, and we really hope she asks us to help her again in the future of the programme!

By Youth Adviser Ciara

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