Our countdown continues!

The countdown to our re-opening on 19 July continues with the second in our series of films focusing on the objects you will see in our new galleries.

This week’s object is the Lusitania Camisole. The Lusitania Camisole is one of the many objects featured in our new First World War Galleries. It was worn by Mrs Margaret Gwyer, a survivor of the sinking of RMS Lusitania passenger ship, which was torpedoed by the Germans on 7 May 1915.

Mrs Gwyer fell into the water from a lifeboat and was sucked into one of the sinking ship’s funnels. However, the explosion of one of the ship’s boilers blew her back to the surface, where she was picked up and later reunited with her husband. She kept the oil-stained camisole as a reminder of her ordeal.

The camisole features in our new First World War Galleries, which open 19 July 2014.

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