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‘Oh I Was Very Lucky, London 1944’ by Priscilla Thornycroft.

Earlier this year during the planning of our current exhibition Architecture of War 

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Image © IWM (ORD 108)

The 9.2-inch heavy howitzer, previously on display in our atrium will feature in the new First World War Galleries opening summer 2014. Image © IWM (ORD 108)

IWM sees the 1916 Battle of the Somme as a turning point in Britain’s experience of the First World War. As a result, we will explore the battle in detail in our new First World War Galleries, opening in summer 2014.

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The next few weeks will see the installation of several more objects in our changing atrium gallery.

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A poster for Crystal Palace with the Great War Exhibition – Imperial War Museum which opened on 9 June 1920.

Plans to erect a replica of the Crystal Palace in south London have recently been unveiled, but how much do we know about the building’s use after the Great Exhibition of 1851?

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Trench Football

Trench Football – one of the objects researched by Amy and the Youth Panel

As I had taken part in an IWM Summer School, the cake-filled welcome to my first IWM Youth Panel meeting felt like home. After getting to know each other in the best way possible – sharing embarrassing childhood tales – we climbed further into the heights of the building to the iconic dome itself for our introduction.

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Summer School students researching our collections in the Department of Documents

Summer School attendee Lily is our final guest blogger. Here she describes how she and other students used an item from our collections as inspiration to create silent animated films that may feature in our new First World War galleries, opening in 2014…

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The Humber Pig after conservation at IWM Duxford

As those who have visited IWM London since re-opening may have noticed, we are gearing up for the reinstallation of the large objects to the new atrium and First World War galleries.

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Putting together films inspired by our collections to feature in the First World War galleries

As part of Transforming IWM London, two summer school projects were launched this August focusing on the physical and psychological impacts of the First World War.

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