Moving the Sopwith Camel at IWM London

The team lowers the Sopwith Camel to the ground in October 2012 in preparation for the transformation of IWM London.

IWM London is temporarily closed until July 2013, as we begin the first phase of our major transformation project.

We are transforming our First World War Galleries and Atrium as part of our plans to lead the First World War Centenary commemorations in 2014. We are going behind-the-scenes, keeping you updated on our progress, challenges, innovations and discoveries along the way. Make sure to join in the conversation – if you have any questions or comments, we want to hear from you.

Thanks for reading – and for joining us on this journey.

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  1. Olivia says: April 13, 20132:57 pm


    I am a final year history student, and I am writing my dissertation on the Holocaust Exhibition at IWM. Could you let me know what (if any) changes are being made to the exhibition?

    Kind regards,


    • Allison says: April 17, 201311:19 am

      Hi Olivia, Thanks for getting in touch. Currently, there are no plans to make any changes to The Holocaust Exhibition before we partially re-open the museum in July 2013. But we’ll keep you posted here if there are any further updates.

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