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Human Rights Day 2011

December 10 is Human Rights Day. In 2011 you watched as people around the world stood up for their rights and their freedom. Maybe you did too.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights belongs to all of us, and was the world’s international response to the shared horror of the Second World War. It sets out, in 30 separate articles, the promise made by the international community to the people of the world: to respect and protect humanity through a commitment to defending  basic, human rights.

Reading the articles is an incredible reminder of what ‘human rights’ really means, and how fragile they are. We’ll be uploading the articles over the next few days but you can read them in full at the UN website, where there’s plenty of info about Human Rights Day and how to celebrate it. There are also links to amazing media clips, reminding us how social media and technology can play a part in supporting and defending human rights. The clip embedded here shows young people who used their blogs to tell the world, through the Arab Spring of 2011, that it was changing.

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