Imperial War Museum Build The Truce

Announcement: Build the Truce 2012 programme

Belfast mural reflects the peace process: Nothing about us, without us, is for us

Build the Truce public programmes 2012 begin on July 24 as we open a new audiovisual display at IWM London

A short creative film inspired by people living and working in the aftermath of conflict takes it soundtrack from interviews with civilians, ex-combatants  and aid workers. They have witnessed conflict and truce in Iraq, Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, El Salvador and Kosovo.

The interviews share their perspectives on how we move away from, or towards, peace. They challenge our ideas about truce Film and images remind us that the landscape of truce can  feature devastation and inspiration.

Touchscreens on either side of this room feature more interview extracts and information about the post-conflict zones they describe. We’ll be adding more sound and video clips to this blog between now and September, and updating you on Build the Truce displays and events.

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