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Announcement: June News

As Build the Truce goes public with a gallery installation at IWM London and a Big Picture Show at IWM North for July 20th, we’ll be updating the blog regularly so please give us a steer on what you want to know or questions you’d like to ask about IWM’s response to the Olympic Truce.

Meanwhile, here’s our top story from June.

We welcomed special guests to IWM London on June 6.

Lord Bates at IWML's Build the Truce gallery

Lord Michael Bates and Conrad Bailey (Head of Conflict Reduction at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office) joined members of the London Borough Faiths Network at IWM London for a visit to the Build the Truce display. Great to see the gallery so full of visitors – and so many people listening to the eyewitness interview material we’ve collected. Following the viewing, our guests joined me and the BTT co-curator, Dr Tim Jacoby, in a discussion on the Olympic Truce.

Lord Bates walked from Greece to London via historic sites of conflict to promote the Olympic truce. He talked to the group with real enthusiasm about his efforts to raise the public profile of the Truce. Find out about the Walk for Truce here.

Conrad Bailey is Chair of the Olympic Truce Stakeholders Group. This group are working to make sure the Olympic Truce 2012 has a real and lasting legacy – interesting info here. Speaking about the Truce, Conrad described local, national and international initiatives for truce and conflict resolution.

Lord Bates, Conrad Bailey, Catriona Robertson and colleagues from LBFN with co-cruator Dr Tim Jacoby

Catriona Robertson of London Boroughs Faiths Network introduced her colleagues and the community reconciliation projects they are leading in the UK and elsewhere.

Dr Jacoby spoke about his involvement with Build the Truce and the work of the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Unit at the University of Manchester, which he co-founded.

The Olympic Truce gives us a chance to raise awareness about resolving conflict in our local and international communities. Hopefully we can keep this going as we look towards the International Day of Peace in September – we’ll keep you updated about IWM’s events and about people and organisations working towards keeping an Olympic Truce.

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