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Build The Truce is an Imperial War Museums project.  It looks at the idea of truce, and how modern conflict might be prevented or resolved.  Truce, a time when violence is put on hold and we give peace a trial, allows pause for thought. Truce depends on neutral space and intelligent discussion, in order to develop into a more long-lasting peace . Build The Truce takes this idea as the basis for sharing  the Museum’s spaces, collections and knowledge with our audiences and partners.

Build the Truce takes the stories of people who have  lived through violent conflict, or through its resolution, as a starting point for learning sessions, online activity, visitor events and public displays.  Contact the Project Coordinator (see ‘Team’) for further information.

The Truce blog is a way of sharing resources and perspectives on conflict: how it is represented in the Museum and elsewhere. It’s also a way of signposting other organisations, places or events that link to conflict resolution.

The blog is a pilot project. It depends on your input, support and feedback. The Museum welcomes your comments in response to Team and Guest blogs. These posts will not be neutral; they may be provocative or controversial. However, the blog  is an unbiased and protected space where your right to comment or respond is valued, and your respect for other users is appreciated. In order to maintain the integrity and function of this space the following policies apply:

Moderation Policy – Comments and User-Generated Content

We encourage readers to leave their comments on our blog entries. We do review comments and reserve the right to publish, edit or remove any comments posted on this blog. The grounds for removal include profanity and personal attacks, as well as comments that are libelous, defamatory, irrelevant to the discussion or merely spam.

From time to time we may also invite readers to submit photographs. Photos may be published on this site and our Flickr photostream, so please do not submit unless you are happy for this to happen and know that the photo does not infringe on anyone else’s copyrights.

Privacy and Copyright

We ask that you provide a valid email address in order to post a comment. However, we will not use your email addresses in any way unless permission to do so is specifically requested and granted, and we will not pass your email address on to a third party.

For information about our copyright policy, please visit our website.

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