Imperial War Museum Build The Truce

If you’ve been to the Build the Truce displays at IWM North or London we’d love to know your thoughts. Completing this short online survey will help us plan future projects so please let us know your views.

Nothing about us, without us, is for us

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I’m attending an event at the University of Manchester’s Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute this week – their seminars and discussions are always fascinating and this one should be no exception. It marks 40 years of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and their work – well worth venturing out into the cold so check if there are any places left at the bookings site.

We’ve had great support from   the HCRI over the last year or two. We’ve interviewed several members of staff and postgrad students with firsthand experience of humanitarian crisis and conflict – their stories will add new dimensions to our archives and future exhibitions (updates coming soon on our new Truce displays, which are co-curated by HCRI’s Dr Tim Jacoby).



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