Mapping the Centenary – Project Case Studies (Part Four)

In this next tranche of Case Studies from our 'Mapping the Centenary' portal, two further project representatives talk about their work during the 2014-2018 First World War centenary. Both reveal additional information about the scope of the projects they were involved with, insight into what they sought to achieve, and also give some ‘best practice’ tips based on their knowledge.

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In this opening entry of a subsequent three-part blog, we hear from another two commemorative projects that have contributed listings towards our digital portal, 'Mapping the Centenary'. Respondents offer insight into the topics of their respective activities, what they sought to achieve, as well as sharing some ‘best practice’ tips based on their own experiences.

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Digital Futures: How to preserve our most vulnerable digital media

This image shows the process required to produce high quality reproductions that appear as intended when the original photographs were taken. Images have been corrected and optimised at IWM's Visual Resources department to bring back colour accuracy and detail, removing colour casts, as negatives degrade over time and become faded.
© IWM (TR 018330A)

In 2020, IWM initiated Digital Futures, a five year project to digitise 1.8 million films, photographs and sound recordings and slow down the degradation of 6.8 million items by freezing, isolating or refrigerating them. This mass preservation project is digitising some of our most vulnerable media from the Cold War era.  

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