Mapping the Centenary – Project Case Studies (Part One)

In this first of a two-part blog, we hear from commemorative projects that have submitted listings for our digital portal, 'Mapping the Centenary'. We invited each contributor to reveal greater detail about the topics of their respective project activities, what they sought to achieve, as well as to share a few ‘best practice’ tips based on their experiences.

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Inscribing Memory: The ‘Spanish’ flu at North Head Quarantine Station, Australia.

North Head Quarantine Station © Hannah Mawdsley

North Head Quarantine Station has been a place of quarantine for those wishing to enter Australia since the 1830s. Situated on a headland to the North East of Sydney Harbour, it is ideally sited to monitor maritime and naval traffic. During the deadly ‘Spanish’ influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 it was particularly heavily used, to quarantine both military and civilian vessels and personnel. While held here, many passengers engaged in an activity that had been happening at this site for decades; they marked their time and presence there by inscribing on the sandstone cliffs.

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